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Huayin Company has entered the pharmaceutical package field since 1995.
We consider “Customer Profit” preferentially and always commit ourselves to developing humanizing and high-quality equipments. At present, the sales records of the equipment have reached to over 5000 sets. The continuous innovation and progress is our permanent management concept and quality admiration wining universal praises from customers that make us feel highly honored. Our company produces especially grain-counting & liquid filling series, labeling machine series, sealing packer series, imprinter series and paper folder series which are sold all over the world.

Our company specially manufactures the machine as follows

  • Automatic grain-counting and liquid filling product line: grain counting or Liquid filling→screwing plastic cover, tapping screwing aluminum cover→automatic labeling→ automatic casing→paper folding machine series.
    The above product is used for: medicine, daily chemical, food and drinks,etc.

  • Auto. L-type sealerthe machine uses single roll of membrane. When the dimension of packed matter is changed,it is easy to adjust. A combination of large and small size of matters packed together to reach the effect of promotion.

  • Flat-carton Imprinterthe advanced solid ink roller system is used and the steel word (zinc word) is resistant. The operation is convenient and the printing is accurate. The capacity is 0~160 cartons/minute. It is applicable to indenting word (steel seal word) on the medicine box and food box.

  • Imprinter for label/plastic bagthe advanced solid ink roller system is used, photoelectric detection, dexterous, fast, clear printing and firm handwriting. The operation is simple and easy. It is applicable to label paper, plastic bag and printing the date and lot number.

  • Automatic paper folding machine (used to fold the instruction)specification:DE-8 quarto-folio paper coiling and folding machine & DE-28/4 quarto-four paper coiling and folding machine.

  • Automatic quantitative machineHY-12AL:the speed is 2000 granules per hour.
    HY-22AL:the speed is 4000 granules per hour.
    Desktop quantitative machineHY-2: the speed is 1800 granules per hour.
    HY-2B: the speed is 3500 granules per hour.

  • Automatic cold-glue labeling machineautomatic round bottle labeler is designed to reach the target of rationalization production. Applying brie and labeling is automatic operation. The operation is simple and the production is fast as well as the positions of product labels are uniform. Thus, the aesthetics of product is increased and the label cost is reduced.

  • Fully automatic progressive bottom-up filling and sealing machinespecification:plastic rubber hose filling tail-sealing machine, metal hose filling tail-sealing machine and multiple hose filling tail-sealing machine.

  • Automatic vacuum emulsification installation:  easy to emulsify and mix round highly viscous materials. One set of the machine can complete the integrated operations of vacuum, heating, cooling in a short time.

  • Especially custom-designed package conveyor belt:various types of belt conveyers and climbing belts.

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