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Product Line
  • Automatic Grain-Counting Packing Line
  • Automatic Liquid Product Line
  • LHS-504M+HS-350
    Auto.L-Type Sealer

    ● 采用抗粘耐温之恒温式铝合金封刀,不会断线,保证不焦化,不冒烟零污染。

        The non-adhesive,heat-resistant and thermostat alloy sealing knife will

        not cause any burning, mess or poisonous gas from the shrinkable film.

    ● 自动送料,长度亦能经由电眼和计时器的组合,自动调整长度。  

       The film-feeding system is perfectly manipulated by our special designed
       electric eyes and control time to adjust the length of shrihk film


    ● 加装一组垂直电眼,共二组电眼,便于您切换选择,对薄与小的包装物,可轻易完成封口

       The added vertical electric eye provide alternative setting for packaging

        system. Most suitable for thin and small objects.

    ● 被包装物尺寸变更时,调整非常容易,免换模具与制袋器。   

       High versatility. Easy to adjust for varied products to achieve the upmost

        packaging effect.

    ● 大小尺寸商品可搭配,组合包装,达到促销效果。  

       The sealer temperature control system with excellent sensitivity and high

       accuracy can be easily adjusted for the best result of the sealing line.

    ● 封刀温度设定极为灵敏与精确,可任意调整与设定,勿需为温度不精确,伤及产品包装外观

       The new feature of the added roller can automatically perform the scraps
       feeding-out process. Leave no mess. and keep your working space tidy
       and nice.
       单位 Unit LHS-504  LHS-504M 
     型式 Type   标准型  密接型 
     电源 Power    1∮220V 50/60HZ 1∮220V 50/60HZ
     机械尺寸 Machine Dimension  L×W×H(m/m) 1665×850×1380  1655×840×1380 
     封口线尺寸 Sealing Bar length  L×W(m/m) 550×450  550×450 
     包装高度 Max. Package Height  H(m/m) 120  120 
     电热 Heater  (KW) 1.3  1.3 
     马达 Motor  (W) AC25×1,AC40×1
     包装能力 Packaging Capacity


     25~30 20~25 
     气压 Air Pressure Required  KG/cm2  5.5(80PSI) 5.5(80PSI) 
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