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  • HY-2000A
    Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Capper

    ● 百分之百密封,零缺点。
        100% sealing & zero defect.
    ● 无不良率:即使有残余物质留在瓶口上亦不受影响。
        Non-conformity rate:It will not be affected even if the residual substance is left on
        bottle jack. 
    ● 无铝箔自动剔除检测装置:当机器侦测到瓶盖内无铝箔时,会自动剔除。
        Automatic rejection&detector in case of no aluminum foil:When the machine detects
        that there is no aluminum foil in the machine,the aluminum foil is automatically
    ● 本机采用国际先进线路,选用美国最先进的晶体管功率模块,主要元器件原装进口。
        The international advanced circuit is used in this machine.The most advanced
        transistor power module from US is selected.The main component is imported
    ● 本机设有自检功能,检测功率稳定性。过流及过压及超温控制 保护功能。
        The self-inspection function is installed in this machine to check the power 
        stability.Provided with over-current and over-voltage as well as over-temperature 
        control protection function.
    ● 冷却系统采用双水冷自循环,分别冷却感应器和功率模块。
        Dual water-cooling self_circulations are used in then cooling system to cool up the
        sensor and power module separately.
    ● 本机装有水路保护装置,即当水源阻塞时,自动切断高压电源。
        The water-circuit protector is mounted in this machine.When the water source is
        clogged,the high-voltage power supply is cut off automatically.
    ● 采用自动报警装置、杜绝发生器过载停机而引起漏封现象。
        Use of automatic alarm device.The leak phenomenon resulting from machine
        shutdown due to generator overload. 
    ● 可单独作业,亦可设计衔接成为一贯作业生产线。
        Either independent work or integrated production line can be designed as required.

    无铝箔自动剔除检测装置『Automatic rejection&detector in case of no aliminum foil』
    电磁感应铝箔封口装置『Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil capper』
        机      型 Models  HY-2000A
        生产速度 Speed  50~120 pcs/min(视瓶口的材料和直径而定)

        瓶子规格 Bottles Specification

     D:16~50mm H:30~260mm
        总 功 率 Total Power  2KW
        电      源 Power Soure  220VAC 50/60Hz
        机械尺寸 Machine Dimension  1.8m(L)×0.9m(W)×1.3m(H)
        机器重量 Machine Weight  180KG
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