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  • DE-8
    Automatic Paper Folding Machine
    2折盘A3折纸机 2-folded disc A3 paper folder

    ■ 可快速调整标准摺式及非标准摺式。
        Quickly adjust the standard & non- standard folding type.
    ■ 标准及非标准尺寸的纸长可调整。
        Paper length in standard and non-standard can be adjusted.
    ■ 采用高级针状轴承,提高机器寿命。
        Advanced needle bearing can increase machinery life.
    ■ 各种不同的纸张厚度可快速调整配合。
        Various paper thicknesses can be adjusted quickly.
    ■ 附有送纸压力调整器,送纸顺畅。
        Attach paper-delivery pressure regulator, deliver paper smoothly.
    ■ 采用新型宽幅送纸滚轮,送纸正确。
        New wide-size paper delivery roll, deliver paper correctly.
    ■ 附有摺纸速度调整器。
        Attach paper folding speed regulator.
    ■ 附有自动排列收纸器,收纸整齐。
        Attach automatic arrangement paper receiver, deceive paper neatly.
    ■ 附有十字折压印装置,便于装盒。
        Attach cross folding press-printer, install easily.

    ■ 机器尺寸 Machine size: 1055 (L) x 585 (W) x 400 (H) mm
    ■ 机器重量 Machine weight: 48kg
    ■ 纸张尺寸 Paper size: 
                     70-690 mm (L), 50-365mm(W)
    ■ 纸张重量 Paper weight: 13-110LB
    ■ 摺纸速度 Paper folding speed: 
                     9600张/时(80磅, A4尺寸, 单摺) 
                     9600pcs/h (80LB, A4 size, single folding)
    ■ 使用电力 Power supply: 
                     110V AC 60Hz, 240V AC 50Hz
    ■ 最小折纸尺寸 Min. paper folding size: 38mm
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