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    Desktop Quantitative Machine
    ■ 数粒数量由0~9999可任意设定。
        The number of pellet counted can be arbitrarily set up among 0~9999. 
    ■ 全机不锈钢材质,符合GMP要求。
        Stainless steel material for whole machine body can meet with GMP specification. 
    ■ 操作简易,不需特殊训练即可操作。
        Easy to operate and no special training required. 
    ■ 特殊电眼保护装置,可确保数粒准确。
        Precision pellet count with special electrical eye protection device. 
    ■ 回转式计数设计,计数快速,运转平稳。
        Rotary counting design with fast and smooth operation. 
    ■ 回转数粒速度可视人工放瓶之速度作无极调整。
        The rotary pellet counting speed can be adjusted with stepless according to the bottle
        putting speed manually. 
    ■ 机器内部附吸尘装置,可避免粉尘对机器之影响。
        The interior of the machine is quipped with dust cleaner to avoid the dust effect on
        the machine. 
    ■ 振动式送料设计,储粒槽振动频率可视药粒送出之需要.无极调速。
        Vibration feeding design, the vibration frequency of the particle hopper can be
        adjusted with stepless based on the needs of the medical pellet out put.
    ■ HY - 2: 一次数一瓶,一瓶数完自动再数另一瓶,方便人手取瓶、放瓶。
        HY - 2: once start with one bottle and automatically to count the next when finished,
        easy to pick up and put down the bottle by hand. 
    ■ HY-2B: 一次数二瓶,二瓶数完自动再数另二瓶,方便两手取瓶、放瓶,速度快一倍。
        HY-2B: once start with two bottles and automatically to count the next two bottles
        when finished, easy to pick up and put down the bottle by two hands and the speed
        is one time faster.
    HY-2B桌上型定量数粒机『Desktop Quantitative Machine』
    HY-2桌上型定量数粒机『Desktop Quantitative Machine』
     Model  L×W×H  Voltage  Net Wt  Capacity
     HY-2B  92×75×81cm  110-220V
     85Kg  2000~3500
     HY-2  76×66×70cm  110-220V
     50Kg  1000~1800
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